Java for C++

Create C++ wrapper classes to use existing Java classes in C++ software

"Java for C++" is a tool to generate C++-wrapper-classes for existing Java-classes.

This tool reads a list of Java class names and creates source code for C++-classes to wrap them.

The implementation of the wrapper classes uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to call the "real" Java classes.

The C++-API to use these wrapper classes is very close to the API of the original Java classes. So developers of C++-software can use Java-classes as if they have been implemented in C++.

Important Note: The current versions of Java4CPP will in many cases not work with Java code made for Java-1.5.x (aka Java-5.0). See the mail on the mailinglist for more information about this.

You can download the first versions of java4cpp!

See the file README for more information (also included in the java4cpp archive).

You can also download the current development version via SVN.
But beware - this source code may be very unstable (and sometimes - very seldom) not even compile.

SVN access:svn co java4cpp --username anonymous

This is open source software licensed under the GPL.

The first java library successfully wrapped with java4cpp is HBCI4Java, a java library for using banking functions in Java applications. All features of HBCI4Java are now also available for C++ developers. First demo version of (HBCI4Java)4CPP can be downloaded from the HBCI4Java homepage.


More information soon!

Last updated: 24. January 2006 - 16:51 - Stefan Palme